Corporate Casino Nights Ireland

Raise your corporate profile, reward your staff or show your clients an enjoyable time – Las Vegas Corporate Casino Nights Ireland can provide the answer.

corporate casino nights irelandOur fun casino can be a great means of entertainment to impress important clients, promote your business or to reward staff with something unique and different.

Apart from being enjoyable to play – clients and staff regularly interact throughout the evening therefore allowing a unique opportunity to network.

The casino can be run at any event across Northern Ireland, Dublin and the border Counties of Ireland.You will find we use top quality tables, equipment, fully trained and experienced croupier that are friendly and out going to ensure your clients or staff thoroughly enjoy their Fun Casino experience.

With “fun casinos” no real money is used. You and your clients/staff use fun money vouchers supplied by our croupiers. The croupiers and casino manager ensure that the casino runs error free and will explain how to play the games to first time players.

To add more fun and excitement, you can provide a prize for the winning player with the most chips – the larger the prize the more competitive it gets at the tables!

Using our Fun Casino for Promotion

store launch casinoIn a competitive climate presentation is everything and the ability to capture the attention of potential clients determines how productive your business will be.

Las Vegas Fun Casino provides your sales team with the perfect opportunity to attract clients to your showroom or exhibition stand. The actual physical presence of our luxury tables and formal croupiers, together with the opportunity for people to participate in a game of chance has proven to be a winning combination.

The excitement and anticipation of traditional casino games and the thrill of the big win are the alluring elements which guarantee to draw a crowd at every event.

Casino Night Team Building

The casino can be used as an ice breaker to relieve anxiety on the first day of the seminar or as a memorable finale to your week’s conference. Our Casino provides a unique chance for social interaction and provides you with the opportunity to assess your teams” skills, abilities and weakness”.corporate casino ireland

Reward your employees for their efforts with a tournament to stimulate competition. This unique spectacle will present your employees with many challenges and humorous moments. If you require a professional service your company then you can rely on us to provide the very best casino party atmosphere for your important event.

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